About VACAY.ph

VACAY.ph is a community of travelers and explorers looking for authentic and memorable experiences in exciting tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Booking through VACAY.ph gives you access to “advance purchase items” for popular or premier lodging and experiences in the Philippines at lower rates. This ensures a pre-booking for your stay or activity. Very soon, it will be the first and only booking platform available in a popular mobile SuperApp, to allow faster and simpler booking experiences.

VACAY.ph is for advance purchase only. This means that you’re purchasing a pre-booking, and actual stay dates are yet to be confirmed. You will need to re-book your actual stay with the establishment directly or through re-booking options provided by VACAY.ph. As this is for advance purchase only, you may only choose your stay dates 15 days after the purchase date unless otherwise different, as reflected on the establishment page.

All over the Philippines! And we plan to feature more than just stays but also event spaces, activities, and experiences.

Booking with VACAY.ph

Advance purchase means items are purchased ahead of time, usually 15 days or longer lead time, before they are actually used.

Your purchase confirmation brings you a pre-booking in the establishment where the advance purchase item was bought from. Note that you will have to select your stay dates after 15 days from purchase.

No, advance purchase is a confirmed “pre-booking” at advance purchase rate ties, while a voucher is usually a discounted “certificate” to book in an establishment.

The standard period is 15 days after purchase. However, some establishments may require a more extended time, as reflected in their respective pages.

Bookings purchased within VACAY.ph platforms have a validity period of 48 months from the purchase date. Any extension will have to be arranged directly with the establishment.

Yes, all pre-bookings are transferrable, subject to endorsement policies and procedures.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are peso-denominated cash vouchers or gift certificates that can be used in participating establishments, depending on the gift card purchased.

Gift cards may be accepted by establishments for any period of stay, subject to confirmed rates by the establishments upon booking or use of gift cards.

Establishments may accept gift cards for rates outside the VACAY.ph catalog, subject to a direct confirmation of establishment

Yes, gift cards are transferrable.


There are several payment options—credit cards and e-wallets, among others.

Booking changes

Unlimited! Because you purchased from VACAY.ph, you have unlimited re-booking privileges subject to re-booking conditions (usually 7 days before original stay dates), no-show conditions, and validity period of purchase.

There are two (2) options on how you can re-book:

  • Use the “book now” function in the online marketplace of VACAY.ph
  • Contact establishment directly

All advance-purchase items without an actual booking from the buyer will be rolled over to the last date of use based on the validity of the advance purchase item.

Your pre-booked stay will be forfeited in the event of a no-show. These are non-refundable.

Once you have a confirmed booking, you can re-book your stay with at least 7-day advance notice. Otherwise, the establishment can entirely forfeit the stay or re-book it for another day with a corresponding re-booking fee.

Purchases are non-refundable. But it has a validity period of 48 months, and all purchases are transferrable, subject to endorsement policies of pre-booked stays or activities.

All re-booking and other requirements must be arranged directly with establishments through the re-booking and messaging options.


Especially for endorsed or transferred pre-bookings, an OTP ensures that you approve the pre-booked item and transfer of pre-booking to another person or entity. This is an added security for you to validate transfer requests as required.