Terms and Conditions

VACAY.ph is a membership-based online community of digital-savvy travelers looking for authentic and memorable moments in exciting tourist destinations in the Philippines, selected and curated to deliver maximum fulfillment from a local experience. The following Terms and Conditions are intended to protect members of VACAY.ph. Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 632 -7196925 or log on to www.VACAY.ph.


  1. All individuals are eligible for VACAY.ph membership. VACAY.ph membership is not transferable.

  2. Membership in VACAY.ph is open only to individual residents in countries where the program is permitted by law.

  3. Membership in VACAY.ph is valid for two (2) years.

  4. Membership to VACAY.ph will require receiving announcements, promotions, and similar, via email, mobile SMS, or social media posts, and other communication tools available, at the time of such communication, to know about benefits and privileges outside rates and booking privileges.

  5. VACAY.ph reserves the right to refuse Membership without a given reason or reject any application, for whatever reason or purpose.

  6. To become a member, log in to www.VACAY.ph to sign-up.

  7. To cancel membership, send a cancellation notice to VACAY.ph@discoveryhospitality.com.



  1. The primary privilege of members of VACAY.ph is to purchase from any of the marketplaces of VACAY.ph. 

  2. Access to rates negotiated for VACAY.ph is part of the benefits of members. All rates are valid only for purchases within the marketplaces of VACAY.ph.

  3. VACAY.ph “Adhoc” benefits and privileges, outside rates, and booking privileges are usually based on validity period/s, and as supply lasts, as applicable.

  4. VACAY.ph “Adhoc” benefits and privileges, outside rates, and booking privileges will be subject to adhoc redemption policies and procedures, as explicitly indicated in the T&C’s of a particular benefit.

  5. VACAY.ph Adhoc benefits and privileges may use several communication tools to inform members of it, with several digital options of redemption of or participation in it.

  6. Bookings and/or use of purchase items made by members from VACAY.ph marketplaces are transferrable. Benefits and privileges are non-transferable.



  1. GIFT CARD PURCHASE VALIDITY: Your gift card purchase is valid, subject to space availability, within the validity period and other booking conditions, as indicated in the purchase.

  2. ADVANCE PURCHASE VALIDITY: Your advance purchase item (API), for a stay or activity, is valid, earliest, 15 days after the date of purchase, subject to space availability and other booking conditions, as indicated in the purchase. Request to use booking for a date earlier than this is subject to consideration and approval of the property. Without such approval, explicitly given through a written document, the property is not required or obligated to entertain any bookings for an earlier stay.

  3. API PRE-BOOKING: Your API automatically pre-books you a stay or activity, under your name, at least 15 days after your purchase date, subject to space availability and other conditions of use. You will receive a pre-booking confirmation together with your official receipt from the property. You may revise your dates of stay or avail of unlimited booking privileges until the validity of the booking period, subject to rebooking restrictions of a property.

  4. INCLUSIONS: Your booking is inclusive of all charges including the basic room charge, taxes, and other fees.

  5. API PURCHASE ENTITLEMENT: Your API pre-booked stay or activity is based on the details indicated in your VACAY.PH confirmation or proof of purchase. Only what is indicated in the confirmation, and the terms and conditions of the product purchased will be accommodated by the respective property for your rebooking.

  6. ROOM BOOKING: You are entitled to a stay in or use of a room category, for the allowed number of persons in the room, as indicated in the product/stay you advance purchased.

  7. FIRST REBOOKING: To rebook, you can use the REBOOK NOW function in the VACAY.ph marketplaces, or directly contact the property by email or phone.

  8. FIRST REBOOKING API: To make the first rebooking, you need to provide the transaction reference code from VACAY.PH for API transactions, name of buyer/customer, and mobile number.

  9. GIFT CARDS BOOKING: For Gift Cards, you need to provide the control number of VACAY.PH's Gift Card or the property's Gift Certificate, if available. The buyer may be subject to a ONE-TIME-PIN procedure to validate proof of purchase of Gift Card and subsequent assignment of the gift card to another user.

  10. AVAILMENT: For your actual stay or use of products purchased in the marketplace, you need to show a BOOKING CONFIRMATION from the establishment/property upon your arrival in the property, based on the rebooking procedures. The payment confirmation from VACAY.PH may not be accommodated by the property for walk-in stays, as a prior booking is required.

  11. UNLIMITED REBOOKING: Your booking was advance purchased. As such, you have a pre-booked stay, under your name, 15 days or later after your date of purchase. The pre-booking ensures unlimited rebooking subject to space availability within the validity period of the pre-booked stay.

  12. SUCCEEDING REBOOKING: To rebook a pre-booked stay or activity, you can use the REBOOK NOW function in the VACAY.ph marketplaces, or directly contact the property by email or phone. The succeeding re-booking policy is 7 days before confirmed stay or activity.

  13. AUTOMATIC ROLL-OVER: In the event you do not contact the establishment before your pre-booked stay, it will automatically be rebooked for another later available date. Confirmation for specific dates of stay is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  14. TRANSFERABILITY: A pre-booking made under a person's name can be transferred to another with proper consent and endorsement made by the buyer, to whom the original booking is named under. A ONE-TIME-PIN (OTP) procedure may be required to validate the change of booking name.

  15. CONDITIONS OF STAY: Your pre-booked stay may have certain validity clauses such as valid only during weekdays, Closed-out dates, etc. Please be sure to check out the validity conditions of your purchase.

  16. VALIDITY: Your pre-booking is valid until 48 months from the date of purchase, unless an extension of validity is granted by the property, or it is canceled, subject to the cancellation policy of the property.

  17. CANCELLATION: Due to unlimited rebooking privileges, cancellation requests can only be accommodated after the validity period of booking has expired, on a case-to-case basis.

  18. NON-DELIVERY OF STAY OR ACTIVITY: In case of any unexpected occurrence, force majeure or not, the property is not liable for non-delivery of the booked stay. Such unexpected occurrences may be considered for cancellation or refund of purchase if rebooking is not an option.

  19. REFUND: Refund is based on approval of cancellation request, subject to the approval of a property, on a case-to-case basis.

  20. CHECK-IN PROCEDURES: Subject to the check-in procedures of the establishment/property. Be sure though, to bring your booking confirmation from the establishment/property.


  1. When you sign-up (online) to VACAY.ph, and you are accepted, this constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions and data privacy policies and consent, of the marketplaces of VACAY.ph.

  2. Whenever there is a change of personal particulars, it is the Member's sole responsibility to update their membership record in the VACAY.ph Portal.

  3. The safekeeping of the digital gift cards is the sole responsibility of the member. There shall be no replacement of digital gift cards if stolen or misplaced.

  4. VACAY.ph reserves the right to amend the rules, restrictions, program benefits, and special offers without notice. The Hotel reserves the right to terminate VACAY.ph at any time.

  5. Benefits and Rewards received under the program may be subject to taxes. Such taxes are the sole responsibility of the Member who is the recipient of the said benefit or Reward.

  6. Feedback on member establishments of VACAY.ph, may it be positive or negative, is in the sole discretion of VACAY.ph to post or share within marketplaces or communication platforms of VACAY.ph, based on whatever criteria set or considered by VACAY.ph, at that time of posting and/or based on content evaluation or sender.

  7. VACAY.ph makes no warranties or representations, whether expressed or implied, and expressly disclaims any liability (including consequential damages) concerning the quality of goods or services purchased, claimed, redeemed, and/or enjoyed through the program. All conditions, warranties, or other terms implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. In the event any Member transfers the use of any purchased item in any of the marketplaces of VACAY.ph, this Clause shall also apply to the transferee.

  8. Fraud or abuse concerning VACAY.ph usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by the company and/or VACAY.ph participating partners.

  9. This Program is void where prohibited by law.

  10. VACAY.ph is a program operated by Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC). Partner establishments and service providers may also have access to Members' records.

  11. The personal information collected from registration will be used for the VACAY.ph program only, particularly for the distribution of marketing promos and membership updates. Discovery Hospitality Corporation ensures that data collected are protected against misuse or unauthorized disclosure.    

  12. All interpretations of the Program Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of DHC. In the event of any dispute, the Member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Philippines.